Author: JohnBTinsley

I am a current filmmaker and movie freak. I have spent a lot of my years bringing my imagination to the level it is currently at and always looking for new and improved ideas to build on. The films I watch are all over, something about just sitting in a room and being free gets me. Born in to a mother in the military, I moved around a lot. Gaining new friend everywhere but never feeling like I have a place to call home. But my grandfather found me a home, the Cinema! My grandfather would take me Friday and Sunday nights to a see a movie at our local four screened multiplex! I would watch the actors on the screen and be amazed and in aw, and knew I want to do that. Originally I wanted to act, until one day creating a short film I yelled at a few people that werent doing what I envisioned, that is not how its suppose to go! My mother then said "what a director" I asked whats a Director! Thats how I became who I am today. With shorts such as Bad Actress The Girls Das Ende Watched under my belt and scripts such as Thomas Back In the Day Carter The Orchard and more I am creating my name and hoping to set my place with the masters of film!