Month: February 2014

Runner Runner (2013)

An inconsequential movie with so little on its mind that you might think it was created by a robot with no idea of what a person is outside of what it’s seen in bad movies, Runner Runner is a thriller in the loosest sense...

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Popcorn (2007)

For movie buffs, working at a cinema sounds like a dream job. You get to talk movies all day, get into free screenings, and be around the product you love during working hours. It’s kind of surprising, then, that more...

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Elysium (2013)

A sci-fi actioner that has ambitions of saying something about more than a couple of hot-button issues currently facing the world — and the United States in particular — Elysium might be a disappointing follow-up to...

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Everyone, if not most everyone, would admit that our advancements in computer technology has great benefits as well as sour disadvantages. We live in an information age that is totally limitless. Words like Google and friend are...

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