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Fennell is a talented filmmaker but ‘Saltburn’ seems designed for shock value and reaction videos

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Role Play

Some stories dictate their genre and ‘Role Play’ is a fish-out-of-water comedy that doesn’t know it

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Best of the Year: 2023

In 2023 the best movies of the year will take you to New Mexico, Oslo, Lisbon, Manhattan, Mumbattan, Tokyo, the Australian outback, fictional vacation spot La Tolqa, mom’s funeral, beyond our ethereal plane and a sci-fi medieval kingdom.

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The Top 10 Movies of 2023

As 2023 came to a close, this list will go through the year’s best films from all major studios & streaming services. Original series & TV series will not be included, however, movies that had streaming service...

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Life Is Plastic, It’s Fantastic

“Barbie” was directed & co-written by Greta Gerwig & is based on the Mattel toy line of the same name that was launched in 1959. The movie stars Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Simu Limu, Kate McKinnon, Michael...

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From VR Racing to Nissan Motorsports

“Grand Turismo” was directed Neill Blomkamp and is both a sports biopic & based on the bestselling racing video game series of the same name. The film follows the story of VR racer turn professional motorsport...

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Godzilla Minus One

“Godzilla Minus One” is a 2023 film that was written, directed and had the visual effects done by Takashi Yamazaki, is the 37th film in the “Godzilla” franchise and marks the 33rd film to be produced the...

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The Band is Back Together

“Trolls Band Together” was directed by Walt Dohrn and is the 3rd film in the “Trolls” franchise following the 2016 original film and its 2020 sequel which was also directed by Dohrn. The voice over cast...

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The Beginning of the End… Maybe

Fast X was directed Louis Leterrier and co-written by Justin Lin. This is the 11th film in the franchise and serves as directed sequel to “F9” while still carrying over events from the 2011 film, “Fast...

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