Shutter Island

This film,It took me awhile to go see it, but I finally did on Easter. I know what a way to go see a film like this on EASTER!! What the F#$%!Well I am glad I did, the man is a genius (Scorsese), this film had all that I wanted. It makes you think. Well the whole movie is a mind ______ that makes you wonder are you seeing what the character is seeing or are you a little crack as well. But the mistakes are not mistakes they are devised for the story. I mean think about it if you were making a film with Scorsese do you think he would have camera flaws and production error. No way in _____!The film is something you can only see to feel the true high it gives you. Something refreshing and new, but yet has a taste of old.The cinematography was nothing short of beautiful. The ash and flashbacks almost make your heart stop. I can honestly say I am in love with this man (filmmaking wise).The characters are well developed. Your interested in them, your uncomfortable with them. You see many faces you remember. One of the one people I was like “WHO IS SHE?” was an actress from Scream 3. I wont pick her out to you find her for yourself.The film is very adult in its contain and I believe thats why I liked it more. None of this made for the teenage audience crap that Hollywood has been shoving down our throats for the last decade, but filmmakers doing what they love, making films!It also wasn’t a horror film, which is what the trailer made it out to be, but a film with a story line and development, and character REAL CHARACTERS!!!!!!!! Yes I SAID IT “A REAL HOLLYWOOD FILM”I maybe of dramatizing this but you will be excited too when you see this film, its old Hollywood with brilliance and art.One thing we have been crying for!

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