Month: December 2010

Top Ten Films of 2010

10. Daybreakers Daybreakers has some of the strangest and goofiest moments I’ve seen in an ostensibly serious horror/action film, largely courtesy of Willem Dafoe, but that just makes it all the more entertaining. It...

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Gullivers Travels (2010)

Gulliver’s Travels is a new cover on a classically old story with recognizable faces playing characters book fans have only been imagining in their minds for years.  Jack Black plays the famous Lemule Gulliver the main...

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Little Fockers (2010)

Little Fockers is the third installment of Ben Stiller’s comedy films based around Greg [Gaylord] Focker (Benstiller) and his difficulty getting his father in-law Jack Burns (Robert De Niro) to accept his marriage to his...

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The Marine (2006)

The Marine was one of the first films to be solely produced by WWE Studios, (after See No Evil), and it features one of the WWE’s biggest stars John Cena. In an effort to cash-in on Cena’s popularity, they decided to...

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