Month: September 2013

The Poison Tree (2012)

Karen Clarke (MyAnna Buring) is first seen with her daughter, Alice (Hebe Johnson) waiting for her husband, Rex (Matthew Goode), to be released from prison, where he has spent the last twelve years of his life. The daughter has...

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The Fisher King (1991)

 This is one of the best stories that deals with themes of redemption and humanity. With 1991’s “The Fisher King” directed by Terry Gilliam, we get an absolutely fantastic cast from Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges, as well...

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Rush (2013)

By all accounts, the 1976 Formula One season was one for the ages, and if Rush is to be believed, probably the best one to ever occur. I know that it’s all dramatized and I’m sure stretches of the film never actually...

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The Invisible Woman (2013)

How often do you hear critics discuss production design, the sets, the costumes, and so on in movies that don’t happen to be set in the past or future? Furthermore, how many of these aren’t costume dramas or period...

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