Well I can say I did jump but it was not because of the movie.Because I was upset with a bug that crawled into my plate.This film was okay, nothing special and nothing new.  One cool thing was that they took the film as if it was four short films. That was entertaining! But as the film went on the character lost their spunk and the shorts became very lame in a surfer dudes mind set.The film could have been amazing, but they villain  who did not really scare you but did manage to annoy the living ____ out of you the entire film was nothing more than a place mat for actress with a pretty face. I can say I was very disappointed.Apart from it being overdone, like a steak at Outback,  the film promises you this scary clown killer which is alludes to on its DVD cover, Trailer and more. And you see him once in action for about 12 minutes. Probably the scariest 12 minutes of the film too.If they would have stuck with the clown they would have made a very scary movie, to me the clown is the only reason to watch the film. That, short for lack of better term, was the best part of the movie and brought a frighting new wave to the babysitter story, something another film I will not mention (When A Stranger Calls) did not bring.But once your past the best part of the film you just bored and unimpressed.As far as Amusement goes, Ill stick with bottle rockets, fire crackers, and my own two thumbs!Thanks

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