Month: February 2013

21 and Over (2013)

“From the writers of The Hangover” comes 21 and Over, another comedy about people getting really drunk and then having a bunch of crude and insane things happen to them. The difference here is that the three leads...

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Breach (2007)

The problem with Breach is that you know how it has to end. If you don’t know the story of FBI agent Robert Hanssen, and you don’t know that he’s currently serving a life sentence after being convicted of...

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The Rundown (2003)

I watched The Rundown the night before writing up this review, and I struggled — and for the longest time, failed — to remember that I even watched it. I knew I watched two movies before going to bed, and I knew what...

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Movie Review of ‘The Bridge’ (2006)

The Bridge¬†kicks off with a montage of serene everyday goings-on at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It’s here where director Eric Steel lulls us into a false sense of security through shots of birds flying over...

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A Scanner Darkly (2006)

The first thing that you’ll notice about A Scanner Darkly is the way that it was put together. This is a rotoscoped picture, meaning that every frame of live action filmed was drawn over by a team of animators. It’s...

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