Month: March 2012

Barry Munday (2010)

Barry Munday (Patrick Wilson) wakes up in a hospital one day, six hours after he was last awake. He’s told that they couldn’t be saved. He questions who “they” are. and then learns the horrible truth: His...

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Wicker Park (2004)

If Wicker Park is to be remembered for anything, it’s for being overly confusing in order to draw out the plot. If told in a straightforward manner, it probably would have been a decent but overly forgettable film. Our...

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The Devil Inside (2012) (15)

The Devil Inside (2012) directed by William Brent Bell is a horror/ documentary style film set mainly in Rome Italy in 2009 about Isabelle Rossi’s quest to find answers concerning her mother Maria Rossi, who was sent to an...

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Rated: In Time (2011)

“For a few to remain immortal, many must die.”

“In Time seems like a good idea. Your characters are human wind-up toys who fear of running out of juice. This causes them to do questionable and exceedingly dangerous things which makes a solid basis for an action film. Next, wrap it up into a seemingly high-brow dystopian science-fiction setting, one that parodies recent real-life social trends and you’ve got some sort of story to back up the mindless action. Presto! You’ve got a hit!”

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