Month: August 2007

Love Field

Interracial romance is always difficult to depict in film. There is a danger of being preachy and sanctimonious, talking down to the audience, instead of enlightening it.  Love Field is a film that tries mightly to teach viewers...

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Waiting to Exhale

Terry McMillan’s blockbuster novel Waiting to Exhale struck a nerve with its female audience, who related to the four characters and their trials with men.  The book is compulsively filmable, which is why the film is so...

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The Whole Nine Yards

This is a movie in which a lot of big names like Matthew Perry, Bruce Willis, and Amanda Peat come together to make an akwardly halerious film. A hitman with no fear and a nervous dentist this film comes together to make an...

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Death at a Funeral

There’s something vaguely morbid about making a comedy set at exclusively at a funeral. There’s something even more disturbing about the cultured mannerisms of the mostly British cast as they fumble around a corpse....

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Perfect Stranger

“Perfect Stranger” a Perfect Success? Grade: B-       Besides her trademark hourglass figure spilling out of tight, beautiful clothing and getting a fellow co-star to “make her feel good”, Halle Berry’’s performance in Perfect...

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