Month: September 2011

Buried (2010)

Buried is a film that not everyone is going to like, but also one that everyone has the potential to enjoy. It’s a film that, no matter how well it is described to you, what genres of films you like best, or any other...

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Troll Hunter-Review

            Three college students journey out to Norway to do a film on the town’s bear hunters. They feel that they have a story when there is only one hunter without a required license to hunt and no one knows where he goes...

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Hall Pass

Hall Pass  (105 min) These guys are truly hopeless. The movie, though, is just as hopeless as the male characters that play in it. The comedy is pushed too hard to where it is just trying to be funny but is not. It is a...

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Moneyball   (133 min) This movie is all business. Literally it is all business. The core of the movie follows the behind the scenes of the incredibly true story of how Billy Beane, along with the help of Peter Brand, made a team...

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