Month: March 2009


To you who believe in true love, Windstruck was lead by the korean artist JI-HYUN JUN as Kyungjin, HYUK JANG played the role of Myungwoo. When police officer Kyungjin accidentally met Myungwoo in a crime , she found out that he...

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Twilight (2008)

About three things I was absolutely positive. First, this movie adaptation from the New York Times bestseller was very well done. Second, the film definitely kept me engaged as I thirsted for more. And third, I am patiently and...

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Rachel Getting Married

Jonathan Demme’s movies are at their best when they capture the messiness of ordinary life. Rachel Getting Married succeeds brilliantly in doing just that. This is the best movie Demme has made in years. He sets the story during...

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DVD Review: Happy-Go-Lucky

I’m giving Happy-Go-Lucky one star on the silly, controversial rating scale and tossing my hands in the air. It is a ridiculous film. My not being fond of British humor, nor glorified stupidity, Happy-Go-Lucky lacks any sort of...

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     Watchmenwas a 12 issue comic series, compiled into a graphic novel, written by comic legend Alan Moore. Over the years, many film adaptations have been put into action, from the likes of filmmakers such as Darren Aranofsky...

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