Month: May 2009

Sleuth (2007)

Not since Mike Nichols’ Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? has the screen been graced with such a duel between acting talents, even from the first version of Sleuth where Michael Caine ironically plays his opposing lead now. The...

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Drag Me To Hell

QUICKary Review: When I see a horror movie is rated PG-13, I usually roll my eyes. Drag Me To Hell is the exception: it’s entertaining, fun and it *actually* made me jump. Drag Me To Hell is unlike any recent...

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Kharisma’s Kritiques

The story centers around the war between New Age scientists (The Illuminati or the “Enlightened Ones”) and religious priests, (The Vatican Church). A war of philosophies, which began during the time of Galileo and Shakespeare, (1600’s – 1700’s), still exists today.

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Star Trek

After releasing ten films under the banner of ‘Star Trek’, along with four television spin-offs, the novelty of this once proud brand name appeared to be wearing off. This in light of the fact that the latest entries for both...

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Constantine’s Sword (2007)

A documentary of engrossing significance and presentation, under Oren Jacoby’s able direction, Constantine’s Sword, does exceeding justice to autobiographical pursuits of ex-priest, James Carroll as he travels the...

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