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The Crazies Review (D-Box as well as Regular Theater)

The first film review of many. Just a little FYI this page will contain not only new, but old films that will be reviewed. In the film world nothing dies, its only stored until the next person views it. The crazies, what can I say about The Crazies. Well if you did not go to the theater knowing that it was a remake of a 1973 George Romero film then people would be surprised to find that the film is nothing like what the trailer promotes. The trailer promotes what seems to be another zombie film, but its not near the zombie look the trailer promotes.(SPOILER ALERT) But is a new age chemical war fair horror/thriller/mystery film.I must say seeing this film was a nice change of pace as the horror films we see today are very watered down and PG-13 for the box office sale and not the entertainment purpose.  But this film is well endowed with scares and thrills, and even some for lack of a better phrase *The Notebook* Awes. While seeing the film on its own is a fun experience, if you happen to be near a theater that uses D-Box seating pay the extra $3.00 for the moving seating. This makes the film so much more exciting.(SPOILER ALERT) The final explosion from the nuclear bomb as the main character speed away in the semi is nothing without the D-Box is makes the men in the seats curl up like little girls or go “WOW DUDE” and the women in the seats need a cigarette after the ride is over.The film has a great cast from Scream 2’s  Timothy Olyphant, Friday the 13th (remake)’s Danielle Panabaker an actress that is trying to compete for the scream queen record, and others. The cast helps to bring this film alive as they struggle to survive while showing their human pain, and animalistic survival tactics.I would highly suggest seeing this film in theater, or at least buying it on blu-ray with the surround sound cranked.(SPOILERS SECTION) My favorite scene in the film is one where the Sheriff is stabbed and uses the same hand to stab the deranged or for lack of better term CRAZY BITCH in the throat and then pulls the knife out of his hand. The whole time I thought “Now thats a awful paper-cut.”John TinsleyRating Key       0-1               How did this shit get made!       1.5-2.5         I was having trouble sleeping so this film acted as Ambien         3.0-4.0       Nice film, my friends and I didnt think we wasted our beer money.                     4.5-5.0     BADASS THRILL RIDE THAT MADE ME WANT TO SPEND MY CHILD SUPPORT MONEY ON IT AGAIN, AND AGAIN!

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  1. What’s D-Box seating? …and I don’t think you should put spoilers in your reviews then anyone who hasn’t seen the movie can’t read it.

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