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1…2… Freddy’s Back or is he?

Nightmare on Elm Street 2010Let me start by saying i’m a fan of the original Freddy and I was not that impressed with the new one.I had been waiting for this film  for a year now and finally I saw it at the midnight showing.The movie is something else. The original  is a mix of scares and laughs but this Nightmare was not really funny.They play with the dream parts of the film in a more realistic way. They create a world in a world where you never know if they are awake or asleep.As the trailer showed what I believed to be most of the movie, that was not the case. Everything you see in the trailer is stock footage compared to what they throw at you.From beautiful sets that make you want to put your face to the screen, and explosive scares that throw you back. This film did not disappoint in the area.The only thing I did not like is the back story part was too short. No real character development. Which many people hate with horror films, they want to get to the chase. This film got to the chase, but I still would have loved a more art approach as too not create this relationship where the characters dont really matter to the audience.As far as Freddy, the orginal films that showed any back story, you felt as if Kruger was weird and the same evil person. But in this film I felt it was two different characters. They didnt mesh well, I also didnt like that everything was so easy for people to find. It was not very creative in the way it played out. It laid it out for the audience and didnt bring anything fresh and new to the table.Overall if your wanting a good scare and a fun time at the movies, this is your film. But dont expect too much because its just a good scare, and some amazing sets.1….2…Freddys Back but is not the same……

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