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Which One of You Cun*s wants to play?

Im a little late onto this topic but I have some advice that is needed to parents and others in the US.The film Kick Ass has been getting some bad publicity lately for having is young actress Chloe Moretz, say such lines as, “What a Douce”…”Its in the shape of a big giant Co*k”…and the now famous ¬†“Which One of You Cun*s Wants to Play?”Parents complain that the film is aided for Children,What unfit mother or father thinks a rated R film is aided for Children? There is a reason for the rating system you douche bags (sorry the film rubbed off on me)!Also a movie titled Kick Ass, did you not think that hey there may be foul language in this film. I mean if there is a curse word in the title dont you think they are going to try and push the envelope a bit?The actress stated “yes I know cursing is wrong, but its a character!”Well played because it is that just a character. When she’s eight-teen she can say what she wants but because shes underage and words around the clock for her films she should have no say?Screw That!This movie is great and shows how it would really be if citizens took it into their own hands. It was comically and was just what I expected from a RATED R film!Go see this movie, and hey if you take your six year old to see it do not blame the film for what your exposing your child to. You might as well parental lock the5 o’clock ¬†news if its that big of an issue.Five STARS!

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