Nice old classic, and the first time i’ve seen it?This was something cool and unique. ┬áThe Monster Squad, as catchy as the theme song as the end, is something that Hollywood is going to try and recreate soon.Im not lying its on!I wanted to see what this was all about so I took a look and found a Bluray. I put a cover over my window and pressed play.Not only was I impressed but I was in aw!The film is a semi-childish-horror film with dirty language and real life issues of fitting in, and the friend you make as a child.Now me being a Buffy nerd when I was younger and kinda still I appreciated the film a lot.These kids were love able and amazing little actors, not little anymore but you get it!This film is Sandlot, with monsters instead of baseball.The little girl is amazing, so adorable and what every little tom boy girl seemed like in the 80’s.The leader was strong yet dorky, but knew what he had to do to get the job done.The outcasted-badass kid, who befriended them was really bad ass, the actor walked into the casting room and asked them to light a cig.As well as being filled with your amazing co-characters like the dorky kid, the shy kid, and loud kid.This film also brought horror icons togetherDracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Wolf man, A Mummy, and FrankensteinThis film had it all.I was really also impressed with the special features and the making of featurettes ┬áthat it came with.Something the whole family can enjoy and its scary but not something that will ________ up a child’s mind for the rest of their life at the age of 8.Grab a copy and have family night, you wont be disappointed.