In this last installment of the Twilight Saga, Bella (Kristen Stewart) is finally a vampire after the grueling birth of her daughter with Edward (Robert Patterson), Renesemee (Mackenzie Foy). A mistake is made to where the Volturi are arriving to correct. They believe Renesemee is a danger to them and humans. Fearing of a potential battle and slaughter of Renesemee, The Cullens travel across the global to other vampire families to use them as witnesses that Renesemee is not a threat. Will The Volturi listen to Cullens and the other covens or will they declare war to showcase their invinsible power? Will Bella be able to protect her family while also maintaining her new life and thirst?




I must say when I watched Breaking Dawn Part I, I was so upset how they made that movie that I was not eager to watch part II. Even from reading the book (which I read them all twice), I didn’t like the middle, ending, or Bella’s actions as a vampire. Watching this film, they did a great job with everything. Edward didn’t look so, Hollywood, like he in part one and Bella wasn’t wearing a horrible wig. But that’s not what made it great. The movie followed the book perfectly and added its own personality to it as well. There wasn’t really a fight scene in the book but the one in the movie was still accurate to the book, which was done beautifully. The film seemed like it was in a rush to finish as it was so short but all of the necessary information was given in a proper manner. The only thing I did not like was Renesemee as a baby because she looked so animated, I understand why they did it that way but it was still a distraction. For those who have not read the book, I will leave that part a mystery. This film has romance, action, humor and cheer. All in all, I will buy this film on Blu Ray/DVD.

Rating: 4 stars