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What is D-Box Seating? (Answering you question)

I received this question early in a review I did for the film”The Crazies”Well to answer you question, I don’t really know. But Ill inform you of what I do know. I stumbled onto D-Box when I was Minnesota, at the Mall of America. I was curious so I checked it out. What I found was that its a special seating concept that is not in most areas but it is in some states.Off the top of my head the states are Texas, California, Minnesota, and I believe a few others.Very few locations have the D-Box as it is still in the testing stage.Now onto what it is,Theses seats are essentially inhabited by the movie. The seats move to each  rumble or boom the film makes. The seat is very precise to, almost to precise. But this is why the seats also have a leveler where you can adjust the sensations.These seats are currently available to buy for home use as well and have some blu-rays and other films they work with.In the test sequence they showed what it would be like watching a film that was set in water and I was in amazement with what I felt. Its sad that, that is what caught my eye the most but I would love to see The Perfect Storm with these seats.Disappointments with the seats,They are not that comfortable. Your kinda risen and your separated from your group in a weird way. The seats at the Mall of America are placed in the back of the theater.  The seats don’t move with everything but that is to be expected I mean if the whole movie was a ride it would get old.That’s some information on the D-Box far as the comment on me placing Spoilers in my review.Ill only place spoilers if I think they help sell the movie or if the movie would fail without an extra push. I let you know in cases the spoiler is to much for you the reader but they are nothing that would ruin the film only push you to see it.ThanksJohn Tinsley

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