This is not a film, its truth.”A dog does not care if your rich or poor, they dont care.”This made me remember amazing times with my doggy and also makes your some how amazingly happy and sad at the same time. It lets you see a dogs, a funny misbehaved dog, journey through his life.The dog is referred to as clearance puppy, when they first bought him he was given to them discounted, they did not know why.The film goes through the families life from jobs, children, marriage, anger, love, and family. The last bit of the film does make you cry more than you ever will, but thats a dog film.The message is amazing and for someone who strays from dog films because they end sad, I was really glad I watched it.This makes you seem to glow when you look at the puppy and realize he is just a crazy little kid at heart that will remain apart of the family.This is a must see for families and just a person with a puppy.Amazingly brilliant!JT