Casino Royale Review

Daniel Craig has always had a charm about him. His dreamy blue eyes. His brute acting (usually villain characters). But, most importantly, his haunted appeal.

So, it came as a shock to me that he would be the next Bond. I’ve always envisioned Bond as most people have: A charming, cocky heartless man, who always gets different girls and always beats the bad guys, no problem whatsoever. Well, Craig brought us… a different Bond indeed. Here is an angry Bond; a fresh Bond, if you will. This is a Bond I’ve been waiting for years (ever since I read the book version, which was wonderful) to see. Connery brought us this Bond once, and so did once (and I literally mean once) George Lazenby, a tremendous Bond.

 This is James Bond’s first assignment, and we get to see him “promoted” to double 0 status as he kills two men, one in flashback scenes in a new, raw, rageful way that you’ve never seen from Bond before; one in the classic way, with the classic Bond wit. Both are most enjoyable. And from there, the film really takes off with the action, and it’s fun and sometimes scary to watch.

But, after the action is where we really see Craig’s pure brilliance as an actor. He meets Vesper Lynd, played with great skill by the Eva Green, and she sees past all of his arrogance to a man with a heart slowly deteriorating to nothing. Craig’s transition from cocky bad-ass to a man helplessly in love is superb, and I have never seen it done so well and not overdone like in a lot of RomComs.

I won’t even try to explain the plot. It’s just a lot of action and a lot of bad guy stuff (particularly Le Chiffre played by Mads Mikkelsen with excellent wit). That’s not the important stuff. The connection between Bond and Vesper is what’s important. So, bare witness to the best Bond film in years, and view a Bond you can finally care about.

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