Repo: The Genetic Opera

Darren Lynn Bousman (who strangely resembles J.J. Abrams) directed Saw II, which was an interesting sequel in the Saw franchise. Next came Saw III, which included some pretty violent stuff and the death of Jigsaw… and then he made the fourth one, which also had some pretty violent stuff, and also included the autopsy of Jigsaw… and then he was bitch-slapped by Saw V, which said that Jigsaw was alive, and also that he was dead. And the same with Saw VI (talk about whoring a franchise). Bousman’s genius is not seen too well, though it is in anything he touches, such as the upcoming horror film “Mother’s Day,” which will include a cast with regular Alexa Vega in it. When I watched Repo: The Genetic Opera, I wasn’t expecting much from it, and when I heard the music, I thought “meh,” but the way the film played out really surprised me, and showed me how cool the film was.

The movie centers around Shilo Wallace (Alexa Vega), who has a blood disease in a world that formerly had a massive organ failure rate, until a company came around and made prostetic body parts, and allowed people to pay and get the organs. But if they would not be able to pay, GeneCo (the company) would send a Repo man to get the organs back (sounds like a 2010 sci-fi flick based on Eric Garcia’s book starring Jude Law whose name I can’t legally use, doesn’t it?).

Best Aspects: The plot and the direction/graphics. Both were great, since the film and play were made before the “Reposession Mambo,” so to say (if you got this joke, good for you).

Bottom Line: B. Good graphics, great plot, and a great sunday afternoon after-church film. (Just kidding, this is a pretty graphic movie.)

Rated R for: Strong bloody violence & gore, language, some drug & sexual content.

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