‘All Good Things’ stars Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst in a romance, murder mystery based off of true events of an unsolved murder case in New York. The film takes place in the 1970s when David Marks (Gosling) meets Katie (Dunst). The film follows them throughout their lives. Things start to take a turn for the worse when David becomes more and more controlling and abusive to Katie. Katie knowing how bad David is becoming still goes back to him, fearful and afraid Katie must distance herself from the powerful, and dominant David.
‘All Good Things’ was very interesting, I think doubly so because the audience learns that this film is based off of true events. Ryan Gosling was truly remarkable in this role. He was unrecognizable as this mangy, controlling manipulative jerk. He portrayed such a creepy character and he had an unbelievably intimidating presence on screen that some parts actually gave me goosebumps. I really enjoyed his performance. Kirsten Dunst was also surprisingly good. She has come along way since her ‘Spiderman’ days, I was actually pretty impressed with her performance. She portrayed a fun-loving, sweet beautiful girl that just wants to find happiness in life. The two characters were total opposites, David was miserable, jealous and malicious and Katie was happy, sweet and friendly. In the beginning the actors created the characters so well that it was easy to believe David and Katie would get together, but what was really fun to watch was how much the characters changed over the years and how their lives started to spiral downwards.
The storyline was good, but I wouldn’t see this film again. It was creepy and at some points hard to follow. I would recommend this film to anyone who enjoys Ryan Gosling’s acting, because this movie is worth watching just for his performance alone. Also, to anyone who likes murder mysteries, especially true ones.

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