I had gone to the movies to see the new ‘Harry Potter’ film, but of course it was sold out at 11:15pm on a Monday. So the only other film I was interested in seeing that was playing, was ‘Love and Other Drugs’ but unfortunately I missed the first 15 minutes of the film, because I had no intention of seeing it that night, so this review is taken 15 minutes after it started, hopefully I didn’t miss anything good. Anyways, ‘Love and Other Drugs’ stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Jamie Randall, a sales rep for the drug Zoloft. He tries to sell drugs and get with girls. He gets with girls a whole lot easier. He is a player, until his encounter with Maggie Murdock. Anne Hathaway portrays Maggie, a free spirited, loveable woman who starts off as every guy’s dream. She just wants to hook up and have no relationship. No strings attached. Jamie enjoys that and starts to see her all the time. They have a strictly physical relationship, until Jamie starts to realize he may be falling for her, something he has never felt ever in his life. The audience learns from early on that Maggie has Parkinsons Disease. At times, she becomes angry and frustrated that she can’t do a lot of things herself (i.e. pick up a scissor and cut paper, open a pill bottle, etc.) she has a ton of issues and insecurities because she doesn’t want anyone to worry or care for her. Can Maggie and Jamie hold a relationship knowing the disease will get worse, or will it tear up their relationship and destroy them forever?
I enjoyed ‘Love and Other Drugs’ because it was a sweet, yet sad story. Girl meets boy. Girl is sick. Boy falls in love with girl. Girl runs away scared. Why does the girl always have to be the sick one? Why can’t they make it so that the girl wants to care for a sick boy? And I adore romantic comedies or romantic dramas, but I hate how unrealistic they are. There are very few guys that will sit in his car and wait all night for a girl to return from a bus trip. Or chase her down in some crazy romantic way with all the right words to say. People love it, but its NOT REAL!
I really enjoyed Jamie’s relationship with his brother, Josh, played by Josh Gad. Their scenes were comedic, realistic and quite fun to watch.
The acting was good, Hathaway and Gyllenhaal have great chemistry, although this isn’t their first time sharing the screen together as lovers, the 2005 Oscar nominated film, ‘Brokeback Mountain’ was their first. They both played their characters well, and believable and I liked how Hathaway’s Parkinsons disease was very subtle. Her tremors weren’t over the top or distracting from the film. What I did find somewhat distracting was how there was so much nudity. There is a ton of nudity in this film, especially of Anne Hathaway which I felt was completely unneccesary. I understand that maybe the writers, directors or producers wanted to create this romantic/drama/comedy as more than that, but adding more nudity and curse words didn’t cut it for me. It didn’t add anything, if anything it took more away from the story because it was so random and so often. 
All in all, I would recommend this film to someone who enjoys this type of genre-romantic-comedy/drama- and someone who enjoys the acting of Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

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