Superhero Movie

“Superhero Movie” stars the young uprising actor Drake Bell, the young hottie Sarah Paxton, character actor Christopher McDonald, and funny guy Leslie Nelson. It’s written and directed by Craig Mazin, who is responsible for writing films like “Senseless”, “Scary Movie 3”, and “Scary Movie 4”.

This is a spoof of all the recent superhero movies, including “The Fantastic Four”, “Batman Begins”, X-Men” and the spotlight of the film being the first of the “Spiderman” series. A loser named Rick Riker (Drake Bell), who is introduced in the first scene by multiple shots to the head, is the hero of this silly story. When our unlikely hero is bit on the neck by a genetically engineered dragonfly, he becomes the go-to-guy to destroy his arch enemy, Hourglass (Christopher McDonald).

With all of the recent flat-out unfunny spoofs of the past few years (Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans), this is one of the best I have seen. There are some spirited moments that are well spoofed and fine timing when it comes to the one-liners. Unfortunately, all of this is weighed down by not so funny references to my space, google, you tube, and facebook. Not to mention adding a stupid moment involving dumping someone because they are no longer on their cellphone’s five person plan.

Most of the jokes are very lame and some of the laughs feel forced. This is a very common matter when it comes to spoofs. This is a sporadically funny spoof containing a few good laughs that become interrupted with the tired references to pop culture and overlong potty humor. Drake Bell is good in this genre and I found him to be pretty funny at times. His expressions sell the movie, bringing life to some moments of unfunny gags. I had a good time with all of this, but nothing is particularly memorable. 

“Superhero Movie” is a much better approach to the live genre known as spoofing. There are some surprisingly clever moments that associate with the first “Spiderman”. It’s when the filmmakers attempt to spoof “The Fantastic Four” and “X-Men” that most of the jokes fall flat. It’s a good thing that “Spiderman” was their mainstream movie to spoof. Compared to the worst film of last year, (that being “Epic Movie”) “Superhero Movie” is masterful work. Leslie Nelson could’ve been funnier and there are much better movies to see, but if your feeling in the mood for stupid fun, that is exactly what “Superhero Movie” is.  A golden turd of a movie that I surprisingly recommend viewing once it hits the rental shelves.

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