Subtitled, Angels of the Apocalypse, this film, unlike the first Crimson Rivers, exploits too many themes for either coherence or credibility as it tries its own stab at an Indiana Jones formulation. The strange admixture of a hidden manuscript authored by God Himself, a cloistered and obscure sect of monks, odd and contrived dubiously Neo-Nazi intrigue, the Marginot Line and our very own persistantly inscrutable inspector, Pierre Niemans, are but powerful ingredients in an ill-suited stock. The return of Jean Reno and the always accomplished performance of Christopher Lee are not enough, sadly, to redeem such failings. But, as to be expected, we don’t have the same direction and there’s an “intruder” in the script-writing.

None of the lacking is the fault of the interesting cast, setting, scene changes and special effects. And it is a refreshing difference to find chase scenes on foot can be as riveting as those in cars or on motorcycles…even a tad more credible.

Not only is the script-writing poorly formulated, but the poor direction does little to make up for it….and it could have. Considering all the wonderful assets at hand, this film, even more for all the misapplied potential, is a stinker.

So don’t let it trade on the fame of its predecessor for your money.

No nudity (little favor) but still an advisory in taking the little ones….you’ll be beset with an endless array of confusion to answer questions and no good ones to give.