One of the best things in the world is when you watch a movie you think is going to be terrible turns out to be an absolute ace in the hole. One such movie is Triangle, a horror thriller that will mess with your head.

A group set out on the high seas in a yacht when suddenly the wind drops to nothing and they are caught up in a violent storm that destroys their craft and leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Out of the blue arrives a huge ocean liner that seems to have been stuck in a time-warp, a classic 30s boat which is empty, apart from a mysterious figure that starts to kill off the newly arrived passengers. Is this figure, however, so mysterious?

I really don’t want to give too much away because I really want you to discover this low budget gem the way I did, accidentally stumbling on it on TV one night and becoming completely hooked from the start right the way through to the delicious and clever ending.

There is so much to recommend here. Writer and director Christopher Smith has done almost the impossible. He has taken a sci-fi format and placed it in a very tense and gripping horror genre and makes it work. He has also made the characters so believable that you really don’t mind following them through this journey.

Melissa George, who played Angel in the Australian soap Home and Away, is amazing. A woman who you are never quite sure of her sanity, this is a superb performance that you really feel for her plight and as the story gets more and more involved, so her performance becomes even more credible.

The film is an obvious homage to The Shining, with the main setting very similar to the hotel but on sea, it still manages to hold its own as a horror while never speaking down to its audience and being so obvious that you can guess what is coming long before it does. Trust me, you won’t.

A quiet, understated film that definitely deserves a larger audience, let’s hope that people who discover it and make it a cult classic in years to come. It really is that good a film and I would say it has entered my top ten all time horror films already.

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