‘TRON: Legacy’ stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde. It takes place in present day, which is about 20 years after the original film, ‘TRON’ leaves off. Jeff Bridges portrays Kevin Flynn, a hard working arcade owner and a digital designer for an alternate universe. Kevin’s son, Sam (Hedlund), learns all about this alternate universe as a young boy when his father comes home from work and talks to him before he goes to sleep. One night Kevin promises Sam that he will definitely show him ‘The Grid’, which is their name for this other digital world, one day. That night was the last time Sam saw his father. Twenty years have passed, and Sam goes on a search for his father. On this adventure to the virtual world he bumps into black-haired beauty, Quorra (Wilde) and his father and together they embark on a journey they will never forget. Sam winds up in a world he doesn’t know how to survive in. Can he figure out how to get back home and save his dad and Quorra or will the virtual world take over his life and family for good?

I enjoyed ‘TRON: Legacy’ for it’s special effects, visually it was great. In all other aspects, I was disappointed. There was a lot of corny dialogue, and the acting although was decent, but no one blew me away. The storyline, in my opinion was very weak. I was truly disappointed with this film, overall. There really wasn’t much to it. Each actor played their role, but none of them made me feel for them. At the end of the film, I didn’t really care what happened. There was too much emphasis on the digital pieces of the film, and the CGI that the story and characters were pushed aside. I believe that a film such as this, needs emphasis on the digital world and CGI, but in order for it to be worthy of 2 hours of my life, and money, it needed a little bit more emphasis on character development and plotline.
I would recommend this for anyone who wants to be entertained visually and not entertained in any other way.

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