The Stepfather

The Stepfather featuring gossip girls Penn Badgley turned out to be a almost copycat of the movie Disturbia. It has the similarities of that bad boy that the mother doesn’t listen to in the crucial moments of the movie. The Stepfather seems to be this perfect new husband and father to be and when the character Michael come home from military school he instantly become suspicious of him. When micheal’s little brother doesnt listen to mommy, step daddy unleashes his aggression out on him in little waves at first. When Micheal’s mother’s sister begins to believe something is up with the new father to be she also agrees with Her sisters ex-husband tries to look into his past.

The acting wasn’t as bad as i thought is was going to be how ever the movie as a whole wasn’t really worth a shoot. The movie leaves you hanging and is usually a sign that not much thought went in to the directing and producing of the movie.Yes, this is a very short review of another senseless movie!

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  1. I actually just watched this movie and I have to admit I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it. Was it original? No, did I jump out of my seat? No, will I watch it again? Probably not however as much as this storyline is played out I stayed interested throughout the movie and ultimately knew how it was going to end. I wish they would have played on the stepfathers insanity a little to make him really creepy, a few parts where he talked to himself and just acted like he was caught up in his own little world could have made the movie a little more entertaining. Nonetheless I give it a solid 3.5 stars.

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