Author: M. Kaleb Robinson

Hello all. My name is Kaleb Robinson and I live in Edmond, OK. I have lived in Philly for about 4 years, lived in FL for a year prior to that and have been to more than 35 countries. I worked for the government and moved around quite a bit but one thing love of movies. I hope you all can appreciate my enthusiasm and now or someday share it. To tell you a little about my reviews, I am an average guy who just see's a lot of movies. I rate each movie on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is absolutely void of anything worthwhile and 10 being absolutely perfect. I will also end with one of three pieces of advice, Splurge!, Spend or Save. Splurge! is my suggestion you splurge and go see this one in the theater. Spend is my suggestion you spend the money to rent it and finally, Save is my suggestion you save your money all together. I hope you enjoy my reviews and more so, I hope they help!