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A Single Man – 6

A Single Man is about many things but most apparent and front leading is the story of a homosexual man who has lost his partner and lover of 16 years. I would warn all who are conservative in general, this movie is very liberal and not only will it most likely not appeal to you, it will distract you to the point of missing the underlying meaning and hidden lessons of life.

Colin Firth, playing the role of George, brings this man and the weight of hearing the news his lover of 16 years has died, to life in such a way you feel as if you were personally involved. The sheer acting performance he gives is immeasurably greater than we so often see. I beg you, don’t take the words acting or performance as verbs but rather as adjectives with which I try to describe what he did on screen. It was, to say the least, spectacular.

George, who has just been informed his friend, lover and companion Jim, played my Matthew Goode, has died. From this point on, life seems as if it is merely inching by with each slow and agonizing tick of the second hand on the clock. His life has gone from great to pointless, he feels, and his strategy has turned to survival, one day at a time. George turns to his only true remaining friend Charlie who was once his lover in their adolescent years, played fantastically by Julianne Moore, but seeks little comfort as she will never be able to fill the void left in the wake of losing Jim. As it were, Charlie is a widowed woman who turns to self pitty and alcohol to see her through and actually is in greater need of having George in her life than he is her. Throuhout the movie you see Jim and the relationship had between he and George only through dreams and past memories and this is enough to draw out just how fulfilling a relationship it was for the both of them.

George decides his life is no longer worth living and is going to take final ending action into his own hands but fails to follow through thanks to the unknowing efforts of Charlie as well as a student in his class Kenny, played by Nicholas Hoult. Kenny is a young boy full of energy, questions and determination all of which flow from him in a greatly charismatic way. He shows interest in George and reaches out to him in an effort, I believe, to be both for personal reasons or agenda as well as the simplicity of just being friendly to someone in need of a friend. As it turns out, Kenny is exactly what George needs to lift the black shroud of despair, loneliness and emptiness which has recently fallen around his eyes clouding his view of life.

Treading carefully so as not to express the identical thoughts of a fellow critic who just so happens to be a very close friend of mine, I simply must agree with him in regards to the cast, their acting, as well as the set and costume design. They were simply perfect. They left no detail out and made no mistakes. For a movie set in California in the 1960’s, they had every detail covered from carpet to coffee machine, cigarettes to clothing. It was elaborately simple and as accurate a depiction as anyone could hope to achieve.

As I mentioned in my opener, this movie is not for the conservative life goer or movie goer. It cinematically details more personal and intimate moments between homosexuals than any other movie in current time and is therefore not for all audiences. If you are liberal enough to see past the homosexuality and have a chance at catching the deep and hidden meanings and lessons, you will enjoy this movie. If you are opposed to homosexuality or it’s presence, steer clear of this movie. While it to crossed the boundaries I myself am comfortable with, I maintain if you desire to see this movie, wait for its arrival at your favorite rental location as there is no need to Splurge! to see it in theaters. I say that not to detract from it’s level of worthiness but simply because there is nothing in or about the film which will be enhanced by seeing it in the theater as opposed to your living room.

(Only if you have read the last paragraph in my review and still want to see it)

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