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27 Dresses directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Aline Brosh McKenna stars Katherine Heigl and James Marsden set in modern day New York. The film genre is a Comedy/Romance yet had very little of either in my opinion.

The movie begins as Katherine Heigl narrates the story of how and when she decided to make herself a major part of any and all weddings. As a young girl (Young Jane played by Peyton List) she, her father and her little sister are attending a wedding. She tells of how her mother has passed away and even at the young age she was, it became her responsibility to care for her younger sister and assume the role of the “mother figure” if you will. While escorting her younger sister Tess (Young Tess played by Charli Barcena) to the bathroom she encounters a frantic bride on her wedding day who has torn her wedding dress in the back moments before she is to walk down the aisle. Thinking quickly Jane uses a ribbon from her sisters hair to do a makeshift repair to the dress that turns out to look quite stylish returning the bride back to a state of elation. It was at that moment that Jane decided she loved weddings and wanted to be a part of as many as possible. The movie then fast forwards to the point of Jane’s adult life where she is still assuming the role of the “go to” girl at the wedding of an individual who is obviously a close friend. Jane is a bridesmaid in the wedding but has an unusual “in a hurry” attitude and is caught glancing at her watch as if she was concerned with the time. In fact, she was concerned with the time because at the first chance she had she rushed outside and flagged down a taxi. While in the taxi which is rushing her to another location at her request, she changes into a different bridesmaid dress. Upon arriving at her destination she assumes the same role at a completely different wedding. She continues to use the same taxi and driver to shuffle her back and forth between the two weddings, changing her entire outfit in transit for the remainder of the night. She is introduced to Kevin (James Marsden) when she is knocked over during the bouquet toss and rendered unconscious. She awakes to a man kneeling over her who immediately shows his humorous wit and his best effort at charm. Kevin writes for the New York Journal and covers weddings for the job. Being that Jane is still a little shaken from her bump on the head, Kevin walks her to a cab and shares the ride with her to her apartment where they, after a few good one liners and a beginning to a love/hate relationship, finally part. Upon returning to the cab Kevin notices that Jane has left her old fashioned, paper style agenda by accident. Rather then having the driver turn around to return it he thumbs through it to discover that Jane has been in or will be in a total of 7 weddings throughout the year. He returns to the NY Journal and pitches a possible front page worth story to his boss which would be about the life a 7 time bridesmaid whom he just met. As the story progresses Jane shows a deep love interest in her boss George (Edward Burns) but keeps it secret among her co-workers and most importantly from George thinking that one day he will magically become aware of her feelings towards him and sweep her off her feet to live happily ever after. It is at this time that Jane’s sister Tess arrives in town. Tess (Malin Akerman) is a gorgeous, care-free blonde who lives for herself and no one else. While at a work party of Jane’s whom invited Tess, the paths of George and Tess are crossed which leads to a relationship and finally proposed marriage. Tess asks for her sister to aid in planning the entire event and Jane is left with the difficult task of watching her little sister lie her way into an engagement with the man Jane is in love with. Jane struggles with this all the way to her breaking point in which she does something she has never in her life done before…stand up for herself, however, she does so in a manner that is well over the top!

Though Katherine Heigl is no stranger to the camera with her TV role on Grey’s Anatomy, she gives a mediocre performance at best. James Marsden has been at home to playing supporting roles in nearly everything he as done thus far and is finally given the chance to run with a leading role. There was no one thing in particular that he did wrong it was just the fact that he didn’t ignite the role or bring anything special to it. He played his character in a manner which any number of other people could have done. The acting in 27 Dresses was less then perfect to say the least. The characters were not very complex yet neither really brought the role home.

The directing was nothing worthy of an award and the costume and set design were average. Sadly enough, the photography and background music were probably the best aspects of the entire movie.

All in all I was disappointed in the movie as a whole. The acting was far less then hoped for, the story line was on the edge of unbelievable and the chemistry that was needed between the male and female lead roles fell somewhere between lacking and non-existent. The genre was a Comedy/Romance and I think it was a failure in both categories.

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  1. Thank you for the review. I was looking forward to seeing this movie but because of your review I will rethink that and maybe just rent it when it comes out on DVD

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