The quirky comedy “Juno” stars Ellen Page (Hard Candy), Michael Cera (Superbad), and co-stars J.K. Simmons, Allison Janney, Jennifer Garner, and Jason Bateman. Each character presented in “Juno” is what makes this film so original.

This coming-of-age tale revolves around the unplanned pregnancy of a sixteen year old girl (Ellen Page) and the particular choice that she makes with her unborn child. Juno McGuff is a one of a kind character who has a growing relationship with Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). Juno decides to find the perfect couple to take care of her infant. This independent masterpiece has a total of four academy award nominations under it’s belt, all of which it deserves.

Constantly intelligent, funny, and unique. “Juno” is an off-beat comedy with an uncommon group of characters, each with their own crowning personalities. Independent films, like “Juno”, usually get overlooked when it comes to a theater wide release. I appreciate as much as I enjoy every moment this film has to offer, from Juno McGuff’s odd hamburger phone to her bizarre, colorful sox. Everything in the film was drawn out perfectly.

Ellen Page, who was neglected any awards for her role in “Hard Candy”, finally gets appreciated for a more individual role. This is a role that takes a lot of heart and soul, a feat that Page pulls off with no complication. Michael Cera plays a loving and innocent character that fits perfectly for this witty and unfamiliar film. A very simple movie that grips you from the very beginning. Director Jason Reitman works well with the cast and this extraordinary topic.

Everyone should see “Juno”. Never will you see a film like this one, spinning you into a world of bright and mesmerizing songs and individuals. A remarkable gem that will strike a cord with thousands of movie fans and film critics. Unforgettable and timeless monument of cinematic treasure. The best Independent film I have ever seen and possibly the best film of 2007.