I Am Legend (2007)


                  Will Smith has come a long way since his TV days.  His movies have been up and down.  But his latest movie, I am Legend was almost perfect.  From Hunting deer with a Ford Mustang, having flash backs, to fighting virus infected Humans.  This movie did have it all.  It just needed that extra push to take it to the top.  If you are a Will Smith Fan, this movie is a must see.  To all of you who are anti-Fresh Prince, give him another chance.  He is really great in this good movie.  If anything you WILL like the end.

10 thoughts on “I Am Legend (2007)”

  1. I’m glad to see that the reviewer noticed the development of Will Smiths acting career, but he misses giving him credit for choosing movie roles that have suite him correctly. Titles such as; “Ali”, “Independents Day”, “Men in Black” and so on…his right amount of humor and acting ability have been greatly overlook for the epics that he takes on. In “I Am Legend”, the director has taken full advantage of Will Smiths acting depth.
    You have to love the humble hero…the man who doesnt act like he owns the world on and off screen, but just one who wants to save it. Being able to come across as…reaching tv brink of insanity and the dare to hold on to such beliefs that “good-Will” always prevail and that life always finds a way.
    in todays real life theatening times of destruction and the signs of the end of the world, it would be especially important to our generation to see this movie and to see a possible future for humanity.
    Overall, I agree with the reviewers comments and it seems to me that the general consensus is that its worth the money to go see.

  2. I really enjoyed this movie I really enjoyed Will Smith character continue to live despite the fact that really everyone around him had devolved. I also enjoyed how the story highlighted the fact that music always brings people together. Will Smith did a great job with the character and I enjoyed the story. I would definetly see this movie again.

  3. Not at all what I expected it to be. I was pleasantly surprised with Will Smith’s acting. He keeps on getting better and better for me. This was definately one of those jump 5 times, palms constantly sweating, type of films!

  4. Will Smith is one of the best actors around and it shows in this film. Robert Neville (smith) is a doctor searching for a cure for a virus that makes you a zombie type thing. Hated the ending for a few reasons, but the monster movie idea i love, amazing acting from everyone, good movie but flawed..

  5. I really liked the idea behind this movie, however I feel the movie was rushed. They could have evolved the story into 3 movies. Sounds like a money making hollywood scheme, but the type of movie this is, it had alot of potential. Will Smith did an excellent job. Most of the movie was acted with his best friend, a female dog. Which reminds me of Tom Hanks in Castaway. The special effects were nicely done as well as the setting. I would have liked to have seen a little more explanation behind the ‘cure’ and what it effected. What I wondered was the use of generators and electricity. Like I said, this movie was rushed and could have been developed a little more for the viewers.

  6. This was a very rushed review, and there are several grammatical errors within. Although, if the “you WILL like the end” was an intentional pun, I applaud you for it, since puns are fantastic.

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