So for the few of you, possibly many (though doubtful), I would like to share with you my new rating system. I will give a little comment about each one, to clear up some possibly confusion. So here it is. By the way, they are all words, no numbers. Now without furtherado here it is, from best to worst.

Died and went to Heaven – movies that were previously 5/5, truly amazing films.

Excellent!!! (guitar nosie) – yes a reference to Bill & Ted, this movies were 4 & 4.5/5, movies close to being a 5.

Not Too Shabby – This can be good, and great, has both meanings; 3 & 3.5/5

Meh – Middle of the road type movie, just Ok, 2.5/5

You’ve Been Warned – Movies that aren’t that bad, but aren’t that good. – 2/5

Pile O’ Shit – Terrible, not worth seeing unless for laughs, even if it’s not a comedy 1 & 1.5/5

I’d Rather Gouge my Eyeballs Out With a Spoon than Watch This Garbage. AKA (I.R.G.M.E.O.W.A.S.T.W.T.G) – Not even worth watching, even if it is for laughs 0 & 0.5/5

So tell me what you think, or what you should change.