Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy Pirate Radio (The Boat that Rocked) – 4

Pirate Radio (The Boat that Rocked) – 4

Pirate Radio is a tale of good vs. evil or misfits vs. the upper class government in this case. In this tale, a group of radio DJ’s band together to play their music on the radio broadcasting from a ship in the middle of the ocean, a feat which the government is out to stop. With a cast to include Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Count), Bill Nighy (Quentin), and Emma Thompson (Charlotte) among many others which several will recognize, one could expect a spectacular movie with superb acting as this is what we normally get when we watch these particular actors. Sadly, these expectations will not be met. This movie was by design a Comedy though the comedic parts were very few and far between.

It was a time when pop music was young and climbing the rungs of popularity and these so called rogue DJ’s were playing it for the listeners of Britain and gaining great popularity among them while gaining strong distaste from the Britain government. The Count (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is an American DJ who is aboard the ship and is known as a god among his fans. He graces the airwaves with pop music, scandalous stories and near inappropriate talk of sex and sexuality. Each of the DJ’s aboard brings his own style and attitude through the radio waves and each has his own set of fans yet each share one thing in common…they are ALL loved and adored by listeners of all ages and occupations. The jockey’s were all known as rebels who broke the rules and played that filth on the radio while simultaneously pushing the limits and, at times, surpassing them and their audience often listened in secret so as not to be shunned by those unappreciative elders. This movie has a rivalry, more than one love interest or romantic side and, like some, pushed the climax off to the end and then, instead of pulling the movie together and making the viewer decide it was a good movie after all, it flopped completely into the dreaded suspicion you had all along which was this movie was a waste of time and money.

The acting was spot on and was lacking in no way when it comes to their performance. The script failed the very talented actors aboard this boat and crew and offered nothing resembling a challenge. These parts were cast and roles filled with actors far above the requirement for them and could have been cast and played by any mediocre actor available today. The costume design was one of the better parts of the film as it fit the time and setting and this was no large task.

The set was less than grand as well. The set was so simple it only required a large fishing boat for the entire movie so you would expect it to be simply fantastic and it was anything but. During a few scenes you can’t help but think to yourself how, with so little required, they could do such a bad job of disguising a few sheets of plywood covered in an old moss colored carpet which was obviously what was used. The music was fine but when you are sitting in a movie about pop music being played by DJ’s whose entire life is their music, you are less than satisfied.

I found this film to be largely disappointing to me. I was expecting characters with depth offering laugh after laugh with awesome music being aired in the background and what I got was a couple good songs and a laugh or two which was not worth the money or time I spent to see it and I would recommend you not make the same mistake if the opportunity presents itself. I am confident you will be just as disappointed as I.

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