Director: The Spierig Brothers

Starring: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Claudia Karvan, Isabel Lucas, Sam Neill

In a boom of vampire movies, surely we have seen enough of them. Twilight, Cirque De Freak, Dorian Gray, Jennifer’s Body, the list goes on. Do we really need to see another vampire film? Yes we do. Daybreakers is revelating what we know of what a vampire is. Do vampires sparkle like diamonds in sunlight? No they burst into flames, Can they see themselves in the mirror? No. Can you kill them by sticking a stake through their heart? Yes. The Spierig Brothers Brings the original vampire back, and was i excited to see it? Of course I was.

The year is 2019, not to far into the future, where the majority of the population are now vampires due to a plague over a decade ago. The vampires need blood to survive, so a pharmaceutical company call The Bromely corporation, headed by Charles Bromley (Sam Neill) hunts humans to harvest their blood. The Human race is now an endangered species and human blood is running low, so Chief hematologist Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) has to find a substitute for blood before it runs out and vampires starve becoming bat-like winged creatures called sub-siders. A secret group of humans, trying to hide and survive, think they have found a cure and in a collision with Edward, the humans require his help. Running out of time, they carry out experiments to try and cure Edward to return into a human. But not everyone wants to be cured.

The verdict: While Daybreakers is just another vampire film in a long line of the genre, it’s fresh in a vintage way. It brings back the original vampire stereotype in style and I think this is one of the best in the line. Daybreakers is something different in the genre that really captures you. Yes maybe it can be over the top, but that’s what I wanted. Ethan Hawke impressed as the nervous, chain smoking Dr Dalton, in his best role since Training Day. Daybreakers is definitely a great cinema experience and a cert for the collection.

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