Run time 2hrs 15 minutes.

by Chase Palmer and Carry Fukunaga,

Directed by Andy Mushchietti

Starring  Jaden Lieberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Sophia Lillus, Finn Wolfhard, Chosen Jakob, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Jackson Robert Scott and Finally Bill Skarsgard,
The story is about The Losers club a Group of seven misfits who fight against and The Evil Immortal Clown Pennywise in the late 1980s.

IT is time for the Long awaited and highly anticipated Remake of a Horror film that defined a generation, Stephen King’s IT arguably one of the most recognized horror films of the 1980’s. The Orginal IT mini series. stars the legendary Tim Curry in the lead role is considered an
absolute horror master-classes although it’s extremely cheesy This is not the case with the New Remake/Adaptation of IT which is Directed by Andy Muschietti This version is legitimately Terrifying, with a nice side of chilling. This new adaptation takes the story of the Losers Club and their battle against Pennywise the dancing clown to new Horrifying heights. Something interesting about this film that I think everyone should know is this isn’t or at least shouldn’t be classified as a Remake the film adaptation of IT from 2017 is Technically the First Film adaptation to hit theaters. Considering the fact that the Tim Curry 1980’s version of IT is a television Mini-Series. If you wondering why this relevant then Read the rest of my review to find out

Before I go into my thought’s on this film.

I first would like to address my thought’s on some of the issues many people have with this new adaptation.
Most people were upset with the overall look of new Pennywise. Now if that’s what your opinion is that’s fine but I respectfully disagree, honestly, the more creepy, less friendly, less campy look and tone that so many have a problem with Makes this film even more terrifying and better than its predecessor.

Now if that’s what your opinion is that’s fine but I respectfully disagree, honestly, the more creepy, less friendly, less campy look and tone that so many have a problem with Makes this film even more terrifying and better than its predecessor.
I never thought I would say that about any Novel adaptation or Book but IT’ 2017, was better than the mini series and a perfect Novel to film adaptation. IT hold nothing back and tell’s the story as intended. What truly stands out in this film? Well, I believe that  IT work’s simply because of two things. One faithfulness to the source material, and secondly the R rating. Why, well because when a horror film has pg 13, slapped on. The film now has to follow certain commercial standards and practices and lots of restrictions that director’s, writers and producers have to abide by to release their film.  in my opinion, this is what most standard horror films are starting to do. The reason for this is simple, to make the film more accessible to teenager’s and adults which mean more money, this gives a film more chance for commercial appeal and advertising. This is why I believe that the genre of horror is starting to falter, With every PG-13 jump scare fest that are either cash grabs or lazily written starting to flood cinemas
this past few year’s been hard to find a truly fantastic horror film other than one or two each year for the past several years’s.
I will admit this has changed with the release of film’s like The Conjuring one and Two and Annabelle Creation, Light’s out Ouija Origin of Evil and Get Out, as well as Split. These are all very good examples of Good or Great horror and Thriller films that are helping revitalize the genre. You may notice that some of those are PG- 13 films. fair enough there are some very well-done PG -13 horror films but generally, most of them aren’t. but I find that An R rated film has more advantages in the aspect of being able to push boundaries more. Now, with that mini-series That doesn’t mean if a PG-13 horror film is done well that it’s not good that is far from what I’m trying to say considering the fact that there have been some absolutely horrible R rated horror film’s to come out in the past few years. my opinion is that an R rated horror film has an advantage over a film that is rated PG- 13 but this all depends on what the person making the film does with the freedom of that rating. Andy Muschietti takes full advantage of the R rating and holds’s nothing back with IT. Instead, he makes a terrifying, Gripping, Creepy, Gory and Horrifying film that will haunt your Nightmares and leave you on the edge of your seat. Well still providing the audience with a well written and great story that is filled with relatable and likable characters that you can root for and get behind.
~Pro’s and Cons. Now for my Pro’s and Con’s.
Let’s start with the Pros, out of the many things I liked about this film,

The thing I found the best about IT was the writing, the story is superb and well written with characters who are relatable and that you can root for like I mentioned before. Another great thing about IT was the way this film is shot, The cinematography is well done and has that has a true to life 80’s style and flair. The camera work is one the biggest IT factors of this film. My next pro for this film is both the direction and the acting, Every performance in this film is fantastic especially Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise, He truly steals every scene he’s in and is the best on screen Pennywise in my opinion more Subtle and quite, quite creepy. The final thing I liked about IT 2017 was the pacing and timing of each scene, everything in this film is well thought out and timed to absolute perfection every Jumpscare planned and executed with the utmost skill.
Now for my Cons, I have no Con’s
IT this was an amazing, horror film and is a perfect horror film.

Final Thoughts and Overall Rating Overall, IT is a Genuinely Terrifying Horror film, that has Relatable characters that you care about and can get behind and it’s one of the best horror film adaptations I have seen in recent year’s and one of the most if not the most faithful Film adaptation made in recent years. I highly recommend you Check IT out in theaters as soon as you can.

Offical Rating
10 out of 10 Popcorns.