Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy Road Trip Beer Pong, a Mr. E Movie Review

Road Trip Beer Pong, a Mr. E Movie Review

Beer Pong

Road Trip Beer Pong

(Run time: 96 min. – Directed by: Steve Rash – Starring: DJ Qualls)

Ok kids time for another movie about the wackiness that is college. I have to say the previews for this straight to DVD sequel had me looking forward to its release. Especially since I saw that the geeky DJ Qualls was going to be returning.

Its still set on the Ithaca campus where DJ’s character is now the campus tour guide. As he leads his new college hopefuls on the same oblivious tour Tom Green did in theoriginal. (He’s now being “pursued” by the same red-headed mother Tom made out with at the end of the first movie only this time her daughters competing for their goofy tour guide too.) The road trip this time is almost exactly the same but the names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent. Only this time after winning their regional finals the Ithaca Beer Pong Team gets to compete in Atlanta for Beer Pong supremacy at the national finals. Thus, sparking the infamous road trip.

The wacky stops along the way are really where all the movies fun is. Oh, that and the boobs. Three parts come to mind: the girls of Ta Ta’s, the naked bus of beer pong hotties, and the tease of all teases the bus of virgin hotties on a mission for chastity. Throw in some terrorist humor and a YouTube posting and you’ve got Road Trip Beer Pong.

I thought the movie mirrored the original a little too much in its structure and recycled jokes but when it was all said and done I liked the movie. (Just like I liked the original.)

I recommend this cool movie to anyone whose not a big critic and is just looking for some fun. Maybe just like those the movies creators intended it for: the young, wild, easily amused, under 30 at heart crowd.

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