Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Drama Public Enemies, a Mr. E Movie Review

Public Enemies, a Mr. E Movie Review

Public Enemies

Public Enemies, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 140 min. – Directed by: Michael Mann – Starring: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale)

I had huge expectations going in to see the new Johnny Depp gangster flick Public Enemies. I am a big gangster movie buff and love almost everything I’ve seen from the black and white classics all the way to The Soprano’s. Public Enemies is nowhere on this list for me. I mean, come on, he did an awesome Donnie Brasco, an iconic Captain Jack, and really just seems to nail every wacky role he morphs into. So, why not a killer John Dillinger?

Anyway here’s the story. Tons of bullets are spent, a couple jail breaks happen, and John meets a girl. Period. Sorry, I thought they could of rapped that up in an hour and a half easily! Instead they drawl out and try to intertwine the whole cat and mouse game between bank robber Dillinger and Federal agent Melvin Purvis, played by Christian Bale.

I think if the movie itself would’ve played a lot quicker I might of liked it more. It really seemed to drag on and on. And unfortunately I didn’t even like Dillinger anymore after seeing this movie. I didn’t feel like he was special or cool in anyway, I mean the coolest thing he did was walk right into the main office of the Federal agents chasing him once and no one unrecognized him, that’s it?

Christian Bale was cool. He did his part, nothing spectacular thou. (Unusual for Bale.)

Now, a bunch of people got shot and killed in this movie but, only one thing really got killed during this movie and that was my time. And so unless you’d like to share my fate I suggest you put away your “Tommy gun” and steer your old big block V8 to a completely different movie before I have to tell you I told you so.

(Sorry Mr. Depp, I really tried. Loved you in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”?)

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