Race to Witch Mountain

Race to Witch Mountain

(Run time: 98 min. – Directed by: Andy Fickman – Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Anna Sophia Robb, Alexander Ludwig )

Disney‘s “Race to Witch Mountain” recently came to DVD starring Dwayne Johnson. Now let me say, I’m a big “Rock” fan and so I picked this one up to watch with my daughters. But, unfortunately, even though it was fast paced, quick to the action, and starred two supernaturally empowered kids my daughter’s attention span fizzled for this film rather quickly. I think if it weren’t for the popcorn and licorice they might of even left the room.

Just kidding, it’s actually an OK movie.

I was nostalgic of the original films but really enjoyed the fast paced, right to the point way that this movie played out. Of course the special effects where on par for Disney and a huge improvement over the original. The acting was good on all parts and I especially liked how well the two young stars did.

The premise of the movie is that a cab driver in Las Vegas whose done work for the local mob boss runs into an unusual pair of kids during an alien convention. They pile on the cash to get him to drive them to an undisclosed location in the Nevada desert. Throw in a female scientist, the typical “secret” FBI division, and an alien bounty hunter and the race is on.

I say this movie is less “little kid” Disney and more “big kid” Disney. So, all of you who like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and want a good, clean, action-packed time remember this one next time your picking out your Friday night flick!