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Inglourious Basterds (2009)

 Run Time: 153 min   Directed: Quentin Tarantino   Starring: Brad Pitt, Melanie Laurent Christoph Waltz

The title and trailer might suggest that this movie is about a bunch of cool brave undercover allied forces killing Nazis and having a bit of a laugh along the way, but you would be wrong.

Brad Pitt (Lt. Aldo Raine) makes an appearance here and there with the basterds, but the Movie seems to have two story lines, for the most part it seems to be centred around a Jewish girl named Shosanna Dreyfus who manages to escape the Nazis at the beginning of the movie and who then goes on to open a cinema in France, to which a famous Nazi soldier then takes a liking to her unaware she is Jewish he starts a relationship with her, as a result she quite unbelievably manages to get the whole German top dogs including Hitler to watch a movie in her cinema.

Brad and the basterds completely independently of her manage to get an invite to this and plan to strap dynamite to their legs in order to blow them all to pieces, they are unaware that Shosanna is also planning on killing them to, by setting light to a pile of old film reels behind the screen therefore hoping to burn them all to death, and there seems to be some sort of disclaimer that film reels apparently burn faster than paper, not sure why the Movie needed to be interrupted to tell us that, perhaps we would all have been watching the film reels burning and thinking WOW! Those film reels are burning faster than paper, somebody get me an expert on flammable material.

The German and Jewish characters speak German and French and therefore it’s subtitled for a lot of the film, which is not really what I’m after when I go to watch a movie, I’m after a visual audio experience, but luckily some of the scenes wouldn’t of worked like that, so conveniently Tarantino switches the same people to speaking English at the drop of a hat.

In a nut shell it is a very long drawn out film not historically accurate with long scenes usually set in one room where at the end you know someone will get shot and you really don’t care who, by that time you have fallen asleep anyways, the gunfire will wake you up briefly but then you can snooze off again for another 30 mins.

Some critics have said that Tarantino should have been reeled in when making this movie, I personally think he should have been wheeled out.

7 thoughts on “Inglourious Basterds (2009)”

  1. I’m not really sure what you were expecting going into watching the film but it sounds like they were completely different than any expectations should be when going into a Tarantino film. But my expectations were set high for the film and they were met and possibly exceeded. But I can respect an opinion and there are going to be people that didn’t enjoy the film. That’s evident with all Tarantino films. You either love him or you hate him.

  2. I hadn’t ever considered writing a review before until I watched inglorious basterds, now that should speak volumes, it compelled me to come on this site and write one, and even if one person reads my review and then avoids this movie then I am happy.

    If it’s a case of loving him or hating him then he should just stick with the people who love him, and stop plastering his misleading trailers all over the channels to try and lure unsuspecting people to pay there money to watch his dreadful movie.

  3. He doesn’t make movies to please the general public…that’s evident in every movie he makes. He makes films cause he is a fan of film. He makes films that he would enjoy and that show how much he loves a specific genre. This film was his “spaghetti western.” This film shows his appreciation for spaghetti westerns and he did a fantastic job with the genre. Some people will enjoy the film and some people won’t.

    As far as misleading trailers go….maybe people shouldn’t read into a trailer as much as they do. I’ve seen many a film to know that what you see in a trailer isn’t necessarily what you are going to get in the film. So I don’t expect anything when watching a trailer. Letting your expectations build up over a trailer is the average movie goers problem…

  4. You are probably right he doesn’t make movies for the general public, he makes them to please himself, like a spoilt little brat, and luckily for him there are enough people that will keep throwing money at him so he can keep pleasing himself over and over again.

    The kind of people who watch his movies seem to be more obsessed with him than what he is actually making, they are a bunch of sycophants who love to mouth off that they are Tarantino fans as they think it makes them sound sophisticated.

    Simple equation:

    Brad Pitt in trailer 90% + Brad Pitt in Movie 10% = 100% Misleading

  5. You wouldn’t be mislead if you didn’t put so much emphasis on the trailer. We are the reason that misleading trailers even exist. Trailers aren’t supposed to show every aspect of the movie. Then you wouldn’t have to go watch the movie cause you had already seen everything that you need to know. That’s what I hate about most comedies anymore. All of the funny scenes or the just of the movie has already been shown to you in the trailer. I’m sorry you were mislead by your own expectations you gave yourself, must really suck.

    As far as being fan of Tarantino, I’m sure you are probably right about most of what you said about Tarantino fans. There probably are those that call themselves fans to sound sophisticated. But, I’m not one of them. Every movie he has made I have loved. Pulp Fiction is my personal favorite movie of all time. Others in my top 100 are Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, and Kill Bill Vol. 1. Another reason I love Tarantino so much is because of his appreciation for some of the genres of film that are overlooked. Such as, spaghetti westerns, the cheesy B-movie horror films, and foreign films. The dude loves foreign film, in particular Asian cinema, which is big for me cause I love Asian cinema. The guy just appreciates film in all aspects. I wouldn’t call it spoiled…it’s just love for film just like all of us. But because he’s famous and a director that makes films the average movie goer doesn’t appreciate or that doesn’t make tons of money he’s unable to do that. But as I’ve already stated…you either love him or you hate him…you apparently are one that hates him. To each their own.

  6. I agree completely, not just about the trailer, and that Tarantino’s fans are willing to put up with his BS just to sound sophisticated.

    Item 1: The trailer. Its not just the trailer that was misleading, it was the entire way this film was advertised, and although I was not disappointed with the film overall (see review), it was not what I expected after watching the trailer. Movies can fail because of, and the only reason this movie didn’t fail is because so many people are brainwashed by Tarantino.

    Item 2: Tarantino brain washes you into thinking his movies are smart and intellectual, but really, besides being witty, they aren’t. Why not? Because they mostly mean nothing…all fluff and gore. If he really appreciated film he would make a movie that isn’t self gratifying to himself, because really that’s what all his movies boil down to. I do agree that he has an original and edgy artistic side that is all but absent in most movies today, but you need more than that to make a good movie. Of course millions of fans paying money to see his movies only makes him more set in his ways…

  7. In response to Lerch, listen carefully, I neither love him or hate him I am completely neutral, or at least I was, I don’t go and watch a movie because of who the director is, I go and watch a movie that has either had good reviews looks good in the trailer or that friends have recommended or as in this case if I have nothing better to do.

    I caught the trailer once before I watched the movie and the overall suggestion was of an action packed movie with Brad Pitt as the leading role, but I neither thought it looked good OR bad, and for the record I neither like or dislike Brad Pitt, so I couldn’t of been more neutral going into a movie.

    In order of who has the most screen time and who is in the most scenes I would put Brad Pitt right down the list, but he is in 90% of the trailer as I have already stated, Its not even close to being an accurate representation of the movie and the leading roles, and I understand the concepts of a trailer so please stop trying to patronising me.

    If Tarantino likes these genres and makes similar films that’s fine, it’s what he does with them next that’s the issue, put simply, I like bananas but I don’t go around shoving them down peoples throats, and there is a reason the genres you mention are overlooked, I’ll let you guess why.

    You keep going on about the trailer as though that was my only issue here, I actually only alluded to the trailer briefly in my review, its not a question of loving or hating a director or a genre, the fact is it’s a movie plain and simple, and as a movie it is terrible, that’s my main point.

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