Leap Year – 4

Leap Year, set mainly in Dublin, is an adventure of a successful business woman with an unbeatable can do attitude. Anna, played by Amy Adams, has a great life, career and boyfriend but, she wants more, and specifically, a proposal from her boyfriend Jeremy, played my Adam Scott. She is tipped off by a friend who see’s Jeremy leaving a high end jewelry store with a little black box in hand and Anna knows her dream is about to come true…so she thinks.

As it turns out, Jeremy does have a little black box from a high end jewelry store but instead of it holding a diamond engagement ring, it holds diamond earrings. As you can imagine, Anna is upset and confused and during a talk with her father, gets the idea in her head to do something she never dreamed of before. Her father, played by John Lithgow, tells her of an Irish folk tale which says once every four years, on leap year, a woman may propose marriage to her boyfriend. Though reluctant at first, Anna decides to set out to do just that and hops the next flight to Dublin to surprise Jeremy who is there on business. This successful, strong and freakishly organized business woman sets off across the country to propose to her over-worked cardiologist boyfriend and the journey is nothing like she expected. Bad weather forces the plane carrying her to divert to Whales and forces her to become creative in finding another route to Dublin. After much agony, a pub owner, Declan, played by Matthew Goode, agrees to drive Anna to her destination for a fee which he very much needs. This begins, or in Anna’s case begins again, the journey which is full of up’s and downs as well as downs and, yes, more downs.

Though the well named actors/actress in this film each have a “usual role” I would say each strayed from their normal character slightly which was reassuring, to an extent, of their actual acting abilities. I would not contribute my dislike to the acting or even the set as much as the story. This is a typical tale of a woman in search for her soul mate and husband, then becomes conflicted and then is forced with a choice. The costumes were fine and the directing the same but there was certainly something lacking from this film.

When I think back on it, the chemistry was decent between the characters and this is often where I feel most Romantic Comedies fail but in this case, it was the actual writing of the story which caused it’s failure. There were not enough laughs to make this a hit comedy, not a deep and gripping enough love to make it a hit romance and it was certainly far from original to be anything someone must see. It was a mediocre film at best and, though it is a Romantic Comedy and I might be considered your “typical guy”, I think most male and female audiences will agree with me when I say it was disappointing.

I would say if you are expecting an award winner you are most assuredly not going to get it but if you are someone who thinks you might be simply yet happily entertained and pleasantly surprised, you will, unfortunately, still be let down. My advise for your seeing this movie, put it way down on your list of movies to rent and certainly don’t waste your money on seeing it in the theater.


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