Author: jah2147

Like watching movies and TV serials and also like to share my critic on them. Hoping, that i could learn to do better reviews from here. I basically use the follwing scale to rate movies: a) Concept/ Story: this is most important part of movie it not there then no audience there. b) Production/Direction: Hoe the movie would endup when finsihed, budget, execution of ideas simply depends on it/them c) Screeplay: Decides how the movie progresses. Again An imp thing. d) Cast/Voice: Do I need to say anything. e) Vfx/ Sfx: Again do i need to say some.. f) X factor/ Visual look: What makes movie so sepecial today is different things done in post production like color grading etc. Or in some cases what is so special about that movie fan following, hype, demand in market etc. and one more thing i like to rate things on: g) Advertising/ Promotion: Well if a good movie is not properly then it might not do enough biz as no one knows about it and vice versa, bad movie could do biz as it was market well. it should be taken care off.