Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy,Drama Boat That Rocked (2009)

Boat That Rocked (2009)

This a movie based on Pirate radio’s and is of time when Rock/Pop was considered to e “sinful”, also wasn’t played by any broadcaster. Now there were different independent radio stations which played 24 hours Rock/Pop music and were called pirate radio.

As someone said to me this is one is like recalling past & most of the youngsters don’t know what it was like but I ask ,don’t we want to know what wrong our elders use to do when they were young when told not to. For elders it’s taking old thrill one more time

Producers all I have for you is – “high five”. Richard Curtis(Director) good job keep it up.

The story/plot/concept is good and screenplay is fantastic (not too slow, not too fast, all characters get their time, people’s attitude for music at that time, all is covered…, nice very nice).

Characters in this movie have huge variety from clever guy to nerdy geek, mr.hunk to not so super cool guy, lesbian, thick head, etc. The entire cast has completely justified their own part and all were brilliant.

The movie is of very good budget as can be seen from art direction, I liked the art direction very much and sets gave feel of that time.

Music throughout the movie is great. Also its OSTs are all time classics & recommended buying.

To me personally this movie has good market. But don’t understand why why why…..  it haven’t been promoted very well. Advertising hold great importance in today’s competitive world. Distributors disappointed me.

This movie is one the most under rated movie of 2009. And it deserves a place in my Top 10 of 2009 (till date I wrote this one as I don’t know what rest of the year has to offer).

A good movie, don’t miss it (If in cinemas around you, those Distributors). Recommended.

My Rating is 7.7 on following scale:

Concept/Story               8

Direction/Production    8

Screenplay                     8

Cast/Acting                   8.5

Music                              8

Xfactor/Demand          7.5

Advertising                    6

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