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Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

It is an adaptation from a novel and is very light hearted movie which you shouldn’t skip.

It’s actually a one day story and is portrayed very well. Screenplay is very good.

Also visually movie is great (color grading, depth of field, art direction).

One of the best thing in this movie is its music, which is very good.

I liked it very much and it kind set the mood of the story.

Cast of this movie is very well thought and I really liked it as they all just fit into the movie’s character.

Nick is a teenage boy & plays in a band with his other two homosexual friends.

He recently broke with Trish and is very sad coz of that.

Now, Norah is schoolmate with Trish and knows about Nick from his mix cds given to Trish.

Nick and Norah meet in a bar where Nick and his friends were jamming.

Later that night they help each other to find “Where’s Fluffy” a favorite band of theirs performing in the city at a secret location which all its fans have to look for.

What happens throughout that night is art of the movie which is fun to watch.

Now like many others, this movie hasn’t been promoted that well which just simply couldn’t catch the eye of huge audience.

Also the storyline is specific to teenagers so everyone in audience won’t buy it.

In conclusion, it’s a light-hearted, fun movie to watch and I recommend to all.

And I rate this movie 8.2 on the following scale:

  •  Concept/ Story                   8.5
  •  Production/Direction         8
  •  Screenplay                           8.5
  •  Cast                                        8
  •  Music                                      9
  •  Advertising                           6
  •  X factor                                 8

Note: Check my profile page to know how I use the scale.

Also stars are just the round off rating on scale and then dividing to half to fit 5star.

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