Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

IA3 is a movie which has simply out grown from its previous releases.

It is funny, amusing, thrilling and new completely of the hook story.

When I saw this movie, theatre was a houseful which is not occasionally seen in animated films. There was huge variety in audience (children, teenagers, middle age and old people).

Now, children especially enjoyed it a lot and were laughing, wowing in entire movie that’s different that they were actually able to grasp the real meaning of scene or not.

This simply keeps my point that people at Blue Sky just don’t want to keep children or teenagers in their section they want whole family in it.

Main characters in this sequel have out grown from single independent life to kind of family one, so they are struggling with issues that one faces in his life like family/friends issues, being settled and self exploration, etc etc…

One major change in IA3 is going from cold ice age to evergreen Dino age and introduction of lots of new characters. And they did it to the best.

Animation in this movie is as usual VERY GOOD………

Sound effects and voice of characters is also very impressive like previous one.

Personally, I would recommend it as a “must watch” and collectible one too.

My ratings are 8.25 on following scale:

  •  Concept/ Story                   8.5
  •  Production/Direction         8
  •  Screenplay                           8
  •  Cast                                      7
  •  Advertising                          9
  •  X factor                                9

Note: Check my profile page to know how I use the scale.

Also stars are just the round off rating on scale and then dividing to half to fit 5star.

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