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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Well, before I saw this sequel I was filled with hopes of a great movie but soon all hopes shattered. I have tried reading HP book but the size of it couldn’t encourage me to complete it.

Like me there are so many people who don’t read HP books & but like to watch movies and I can still say that this sequel was least impressive of all in HP series. This sequel is over 2 hours LONG which could have been easily confined to 1:30 to 1:45 hours.

Direction/Production of this movie is good like other ones in series.

Cast doesn’t have any major change same and all did their part well.

I really liked the VFX in the movie and the scene where girl is under spell and gets lifted up in air is very well executed.

Throughout the movie, things kept revolving around main characters love life. And long pointless discussion about what’s happening in their life (I’m watching the movie I know what’s happenings). Whereas many people like me were not just interested in love life of theirs in so much details.

And after first half when story started picking up pace and got my interest, it just ended “The end” credits.

Finally, I felt it is an average movie to watch but HP fans you guys would any way rate it the best movie this world could ever make.

My rating is 6.9 on following scale:

  •  Concept/ Story                   5
  •  Production/Direction         7.5
  •  Screenplay                           5
  •  Cast                                       7.5
  •  Vfx/ Sfx                                 8
  •  Advertising                           7
  •  X factor                                  8

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