If your a fan of Julie Walters you’ll love this comedy. Julie Walters is hilarious in this comedy starring Rupert Grint (Harry Potter) and Laura Linney.

This is a story about a lonely 17 year old boy who is always taking orders from his overbearing mother who seems to only want the best for him. Ben Marshall (Grint) just seems to be an unlucky guy he cant seem to pass his driving test, cant seem to get a girlfriend and always gets stuck with the crappy jobs. But when his mom suggests that he gets a summer job to help out the family he thinks that he has really hit rock bottom. He gets a job as a assistant to a retired actress Evie Walton (Walters). At first Ben thinks that Evie is just this grumpy old lady who lives alone and doesn’t want anything to do with anyone, but little does Ben know is that she is a lady who seeks life she is very adventurous and she wants to take Ben on a little adventure. Ben is reluctant to go anywhere with Evie but when Evie basically kidnaps Ben to take him on a camping trip he has no way to get back home and has to stay with her but little does he know that he will enjoy being away from home and away from his annoying and controlling mother. Evie has taken Ben because she has become friends with him she doesn’t want to admit that she needs him, she has been has to do a reading for retired actresses and she needs him to be there for her but when Ben does not show up for her Evie goes off on him. I think that one if the best scenes in the film is one Ben and Evie are having there confrontation when Ben does not show up for Evie.

This film also had some of the most memorable quotes that I have heard in a independent film in a while such as:

” mobiles give you cancer” , “my tits have turned into time bombs” , ” put your shoulder under my ass” .

Julie Walter was amazing in this film. I thought that she was hilarious but she can also show that she can be dramatic. It is nice to see her and Rupert Grint on screen in something other then there Harry Potter series I think┬áthat they were very well together. I would like to see them do more stuff together. Rupert Grint played the shy character and that something that we really haven’t seen him play before so that something different for him as well. I think that they make a good team.

Directed by 1st assistant Directer Konrad Jay