Get ready to go back in time to a place where the jokes fall flat and the story goes no where. Year One is directed by Harold Ramis and starring Jack Black, Michael Cera, David Cross, Oliver Platt, and Hank Azaria.

After Zed (Jack Black) eats from the forbidden tree of knowledge, Zed gets kicked out of his tribe, but not before he accidentally sets a hut on fire which spreads through the village. Zed is basically you’re village idiot. Oh (Micheal Cera) is friends with Zed, Oh is the smart “gatherer” type, by no means is he a “hunter.”  The two outcasts of the village end up taking (pretty much) the first road trip ever, there destination is Saddam and Gomorrah. Along the way they meet famous figures like Cain (David Cross) and Abel (Paul Rudd), constantly fighting brothers, until we see the inevitable of course. also they meet Abraham (Hank Azaria). They meet these now famous people with some hilarity, and then continue there journey to Saddam and Gomorrah to save fellow tribes women Eema (Juno Temple) who became a slave after the tribe had to leave their village  because of the fire Zed set and she is also Oh’s love interest, and to save Maya (June Diane Raphael), Zed’s love interest of the story.

This film was OK in terms of story and humor, There were a couple of scenes that made me laugh, but ultimately fell short in my opinion, I have seen both starring actors give a better comedy performance in other films they have been in, the story falls short with depth. I am not saying this is a horrible movie, The comedy is pretty much aimed at a younger crowd (14-17). Harold Ramis was the director of this somewhat funny film. The directing was fine, but the overall story seems one sided and has no growth or dimension. This 97 minute film feels allot longer since you are waiting for the scenes you liked and laughed at during TV commercials or movie trailers.

My recommendation for Year One is a Pass. But if you must give this movie a chance please rent it because it is a definite DO NOT BUY. (sorry the review was so short but there wasn’t much to say about this one.)